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Thursday, 26 March 2020


I have loved you since before I made the universe.

This world is not your home

Indeed you are alive in Me and I am alive in you .

These days are days of desolation

Yet my kingdom is an everlasting kingdom

Those of you that know me open your ears

I am going to use you

Those whom you love will not see decay

For I will nullify the evil that has come

The one who comes to steal and kill and destroy has been vanquished

His power curtailed for all time

What he has stolen will be restored to you

What he has killed will be brought to life again

What he has destroyed will be made whole

Yeild to my power already at work in your life

I am Almighty God

Let the Lion of Judah arise within you.

I shall lead you and guide in these days

Hear my words


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