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Monday, 11 May 2020

Jesus the Rock

God's Word is a rock

His Teachings a foundation on which to build your life

Those who have a rock as their foundation will stand even in the storm and the gale.

Those who build their life on an unsure footing will come crashing down even in the slightest breeze.

Put into practice His teachings.

In this way build order and substance into your life.

Be wary of other gospels they will lead you astray and undermine the foundations you have built.

Be guided by the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth.

Become one and walk in step with the Holy Spirit

He is not distant or far away.

Indeed He placed Him within you when you first came to Him and having been baptised with both water and fire you are wholly sanctified and made righteous in His sight.

Do not be alarmed at the trouble you are having for in this life there is much trouble.

But patiently await the Day when all things shall be revealed.

Today is a day of resurrection for you

He shall bring life where there is death and growth where there is decay.

Let Him guide you.

Therefore, confirm your path in Him for He is not darkness or misunderstanding but He is knowledge and light.

Know Him and be sure of your path.


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