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Friday, 29 May 2020

Gods voice

The Lord God is in your midst

He is worthy of your faithfulness in that He was faithful to you first

He is forgiver and healer

Do not forget He delivered you from slavery and bondage

Cast out bad spirits in His name Bind them in chains of iron

Lest they should find a new soul to torment.

Do not yield to fear for you have His almighty power at work within your members

Be at peace for you can rest assured that it is well with your soul

Having the mind of Christ, the will of the Father and the peace that surpasses understanding at work within you.

God's voice sounds exactly like your voice. You will know its Him because you will recognise it as not you! It will be outside your normal thinking.

Go on try it close your eyes ask Him what he wants you know?

Did you hear Him? What did he say?

Test it! Does it match his character?
Is it in line with scripture?

I am bold enough to tell you that you heard his voice!

Now act on it!


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