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Fire and justice

 Justice and fire shall come upon you  I am fire  I am justice My spirit of breakthrough and revival shall come to you  Be encouraged for I ...

Friday, 14 August 2020


My power is at work within your bodily members.

It is mighty and awesome able to affect body and soul and spirit

It is the same power the raises the dead  and flings stars into space

A miracle can happen for you !

For I am working with angels who have been given charge over you.

Open your spiritual eyes , the eyes of your heart.

See what they have brought you.

See and know and take the gifts they have for you.

It's time to move in power and authority for I have ordained greatness for you.

Partner with me and see the world change.

I never stop thinking about you for you are my child  and I love you.

There is no longer any reason to hold back for I have won complete victory over all things 


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