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Fire and justice

 Justice and fire shall come upon you  I am fire  I am justice My spirit of breakthrough and revival shall come to you  Be encouraged for I ...

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

On Unity

I am the God who delights to show you his Love

You have always been my beloved

I desire to be in communion with you

Be restored to me my child

I am a loving and protective father I desire nothing but greatness for you

Find rest beneath my wings

Whilst you were young I nurtured you now you are mature

Yet I am still your loving father

It's time to be the soul I created you to be

Put aside foolish and futile thinking

Do not yeild to the flesh for it always leads you away from me

I am always kind and compassionate to those whom I love

I love you beyond your understanding

You cannot fathom how deep or wide or high my love is for you

I sent my only son to redeem you

And He was given keys to all things 

He was given power and authority and wants to share it with you

Be restored to me and reserve your place at my   table


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