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A new Season

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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Jesus Lives

Come raise a song of praise

Open your eyes

Death has been defeated

Its power broken for all time

Eternity beckons you forth

I have ordained a new heaven and earth

My plan is that:

health conquer sickness

wealth conquer poverty

joy conquer sorrow


love conquer hate

Who would not want my plan?

Join me now and begin to call it forth in your life

For you it has been ordained since time began

I have planned your days and am calling it forth

My angels are working hard to help you!

Why not help them to minister to you?

Become aware of their presence in your midst for you are never alone.

Open your heart and take the gifts they offer you.

Even now they are working to bring about my plan for your life.

There is a fresh annointing available so raise a song of praise and thank him for his overwhelming love for you. He plans to prosper you.

You shall become everything I have planned for you!

I never promised a life of ease but remain faithful and I shall help you .

I am present even in the darkness so do not dispair

Call to me! Even then.

I have promised never to harm you

Never again will I flood the earth.

See the rainbow a symbol of my unending love for you

Next time it rains and the bow is seen in the sky remember my unending love.

There shall be a refreshing fire it shall burn in your heart and cleanse your soul.

He is the Lord of all heaven and earth

He is alpha and omega

He knows the story of your life.

Trust his judgements over your life

Now you see darkly as through fog  but soon all will become clear.

Be patient, the fog will lift and you will see.

As the morning mist is burned away by the sun so I will burn away the fog that is around you.

So come, abide in my presence.


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