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Monday, 11 November 2019

God's Purposes

God has a purpose for your life

Esther was queen yet symbolic of an orphan generation

Her people were chosen for genocide by the kings admiral

Yet Esther when petitioned by Mordecai to approach the king was enboldend to go before the king at risk of her life

She had to do something counter cultural and almost suicidal

Yet she approached the king and won his heart

The kings admiral was hung on the gallows meant for Mordecai

What were you born for ??

Have you found your purpose ??

Has your appointed time manifest yet ??

Your life will be significant for that people group God has called you to.

Some of you are living your appointed calling

Others are still searching

Still others are waiting for the fulfilment of time

Yet ALL are called according to His purpose

Remember God's timing is perfect

You shall accomplish God's purposes in due course.

By His sovereign will you shall fulfill your appointed calling

Become wise and cunning regarding God's purposes for which you are called

This very week some will have God's calling placed upon their life.

Do you know God's appointment for your life??

Does that make you fearful ,concerned, worried ??

Do not yield to fear for it shall enslave you!

A child of God who has the heart of a lion need not be afraid for you have within you the Spirit of God.


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