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Grace and favor

 But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out his special favor on me—and not without results. For I have worked harder than any ...

Friday, 11 February 2022

The guilty

 The Lord is slow to get angry, but his power is great, and he never lets the guilty go unpunished. He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm. The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet. The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him. But he will sweep away his enemies in an overwhelming flood. He will pursue his foes into the darkness of night.

Nahum 1:3‭, ‬7‭-‬8 NLT

Have you been offended against

Remember the guilty will get their wages

Come before me and present your case 

Trust in me and I will sweep them away

You need not fear for i shall reward them in full

Be patient and wait for my justice will prevail

I am the righteous judge 

Come before me and recieve help from the kingdom of God.


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