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 I have seen your deeds I am El shaddai God Almighty It is I who open doors for my children  It is I who closes doors too I am like a shephe...

Sunday, 6 February 2022

The God of love

I am almighty god

I love all my children equally

You are my beloved

Be amazed at my outpouring in these days

You are more than able 

For I am an enabler of men and women

Do not be surprised by the many miracles that have your name on them

Claim them today

There are new limbs 

New hearts

The deaf shall hear

And the lame walk

Those who know me have power and authority 

Come to me and I shall teach you

Learn from me and declare your miracle

Submit to me and tell the evil one to get away

He has no choice but to yield to my authority

Come before me and receive your miracle

Do you not know the power available to you

My power runs through your veins like blood 

Have you not read that blood is life

Power and blood go together

There is no power or authority without sacrifice and blood

Yet I tell both power and authority are yours in abundance

You are a new creation the old man has been vanquished 

 Come let us worship and praise the living god 

Let us yield to his reign for his name is above every other name


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