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Saturday, 25 April 2020

A Message from the Fathers Heart.

My heart bleeds for you, my heart breaks for your spirit, says the Lord. You have ears to hear but refuse to listen to my message. Yet I wait patiently for you to STOP and TURN YOUR HEAD and incline your ear to hear what the Lord your God says. It is not my will that you continue in darkness but in My son Jesus died on the cross so you would no longer live in the darkness of sin and death, so you could come out into MY LIGHT. Forgiven, set free, released and free to know your Father in Heaven. My love will change your life! And I do love you, wholly and completely. And I am the Holy One you have been searching for all your life. Look...I am standing and watching, and I am waiting for your heart my beloved child. Return to me, for I love you. Jesus.