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A new Season

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Monday, 27 April 2020

Prophetic Video Tower of Strength

I am a tower of strength

Draw from me and stand

My name is above every name for I created all things.

Let me clothe you with my garments and put my cloak of protection around you.

Let my spirit draw near and I will prosper you.

Even now my heart rejoices over you my child I yearn for your love

Let me bless you
Let me guide you
Let me teach you

And will show you my most precious secrets. I will reveal mysteries and conundrums and put things in place to reveal all things

I will give you the wisdom of creation itself. You shall accomplish things in this generation like no other.

I will give you remedies and cures for the most pernicious of diseases.

You shall prosper in ways you cannot fathom. I will show the depths of my grace and favour and blessing.

Dear children you were bought at great price.

You have been redeemed and are set free with another taking punishment in your stead.

Remember your former days in slavery. You have been set free

You are like gold hewn from the earth at great cost: your worth far exceeds the cost of your redemption.

Do not neglect your freedom for it cost much

Come to me my child

Recieve favour and grace from my hand.

You are in my presence and I offer you my very essence in exchange for your sin.

Exchange your pain, your heartache, your shame for comfort, joy and blessing

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