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Friday, 24 April 2020

Rough seas and the lions den

I am Almighty God.

I created all things.

By mere speach, out of nothing, I created the seen and the unseen.

I created time and space and matter.

It is my desire to lavish my Love upon you

I am already at work in all things wether you perceive it or not, believe it or not, I am working everything out for your good

You shall be safe even in the midst of the lions den

You will go through dark times

Beleive me when I tell you, you are not alone !

I cannot break my promise to be with you !

Fear not!  I have sent my angels ahead of you!

Be encouraged I am everywhere at all times

I see your pain and your heartache and it grieves me

Therefore I am sending a comforter fit for your circumstances

Be of good cheer and do not be disheartened for I am Holy

There is none like me !

Have you not read of Daniel of old whom I love.

It was he who defied the king and was placed amidst lions yet came out unharmed

So I tell you these present times shall not overwhelm you

You will sail into port, through rough seas, in good order.

Nothing shall be lost.


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