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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Rejoice and be Saved

You who sail the high seas, sing for joy

Those who wonder the desert, praise his name.

You who make your home on the mountains or in the valleys, dance and make music to the Lord

I am the Lord, that is my name.

I will not rest till I have made you complete and you have been restored to me.

Be of good cheer I will not let you see ruin

Let the rich and the poor be encouraged for I am Holy and Righteous

I have planned great and good things for you

The storehouse of heaven has been opened for you.

Come and plunder my wealth, take from my abundance, for I lack no good thing.

I have riches. Gold and silver, I have in great measure.

I make my plans known to you before they come to pass.

For I do not desire that you live in fear or doubt or ignorance

Therefore I will  reveal all things to my chosen ones.

They will be revealed in good time

Listen to them and take heed of their words.

They shall reveal all things to my people

Be patient and do not fear for I am in your midst.