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Tuesday, 28 February 2023


 Kindness is my purpose says the Lord

I am able and willing to meet your needs 

Bring your requests before me and I will give you your hearts desire

Open your heart lay it all down before me

I am your father and have good plans for you

Your entire life is laid out like book before me 

I know when you sit and when you stand 

I know you better than you know yourself

Do not hold back 

Bring every heartache before me even those ones that you dare not bring before men 

My child your prayers rise before me like a sweet perfume 

I am more than able 

You sang it as a child in kindergarten 

You learnt it at your mothers knee

Now it's time to test me in my resolve to pour out kindness into your lap

I lay down a challenge empty your soul before me

Pour it out like a goblet of wine 

And see if I do not pour blessing upon blessing into your life


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