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A new Season

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Saturday, 24 November 2018

most important possession

My dear child you are my most important possession.

I value you beyond words.

I have made you a prince in my Kingdom.

I have bestowed upon you my own authority.

My Kingdom will operate in your midst.

You the temple of God, are an army of people.

Every part supports the whole.

My temple is being raised upon the earth.

I am constantly speaking blessing and love to you

Come and taste my love
Come and smell my fragrance
Come and feel my joy

I am the God who knows you, I created you.

I knew you before I made the universe

I planned your days before creation itself.

I have taken your infirmity from you.

My gift to you today, is waiting for you.

Trust my word to you.

I offer life and peace and fulfillment.

Come and see.

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