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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Sovereign Lord

 Be at peace because I am the Sovereign Lord

It is I who planned the stars 

It is I who steers the planets

It is I who causes the rain and the snow

I created all things

I created you 

And I love you beyond your understanding

You were designed for communion with me 

I am leading you into green pastures 

There is much to be done

See how the sparrow works to build its nest in season it gathers food for its young 

I provide all a sparrow needs yet the sparrow has to gather it in 

So I send you after the harvest 

The time is now 

There are souls who hunger and thirst 

I appoint you to reach them 

If not you 


If not now


So give a portion of bread to those who hunger

And drink to those that thirst

In this way you will meet the requirements of love

Give to those in need

Grant freedom to the captives

Redeem the judged

Pour out healing balm on the hurting

See to it that no one is poor or needy


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