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A new Season

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Monday, 23 December 2019

God Saw

'God looked and saw that it was very good'

Oh Father you are Sovereign, above all.

You are Maker of heaven and earth.

It was you who made the stars, you know them by name.

You have looked and have seen that your creation is good.

Men ,women,children 

The great creatures of the sea and flying creatures of all kinds.

The Plants trees,grasses,fruits of all kinds were made by your hand.

He made man to steward the earth. 

He has given direction to men and women across the globe 

And they shall govern they will be like daniel of old 

They will be men and women of prayer and be highly skilled 

They will be raised up from the lost, the hurting, the disspossed.

'I shall train them' says the lord.

They shall turn this present world upside down.

The kingdom of darkness shall be brought to ruin.


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