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A new Season

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Shadowy places

I am looking for my children in shadowy and arid places.

I descend into the mire and search for those who have drifted away.

Be at peace. For I shall not rest until you are in my arms.

You yearn for me
You look for me

Be constantly alert
Be not afraid

I shall come for you, for you are my most treasured possession.

Though you have wandered away and are lost in the open seas

I am a light on a rock which shines in the night.

Look for a sign be alert. Keep watch.

Look in every direction and turn to the source of light.  For I am a house of safety for the needy.

My child you are a prince in my kingdom. Do you not know that you shall inherit my Kingdom and share my throne.

Be blessed.

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