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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Testing and trials

 Dear children 

Many have gone through testing times

But remain strong and keep your faith

I am with you throughout to the end 

All things will be resolved in due course 

Have patience and do not be discouraged

Am I not faithful 

Am I not a provider

Am I not a healer

I am all these things and more

You are my children whom I dearly love

I created you 

I put my spirit in you

I have taken away your sin and your shame

So be encouraged 

Let my Word comfort you

I have commanded you to love yourself and your neighbor. 

Be kind to yourself and trust in my promises

Let the knowledge that comes from me guide you

I am speaking to you all the time so be attentive to my voice

I will never lead you astray but will guide you to my throne of grace.

Find power and authority in my arms


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